GRIT is a new way for Toronto residents to give feedback on
the websites and apps that impact them.



Too often, technology is built without getting feedback from the people who actually use it. We aim to address that challenge by giving people the chance to test, give input, and ultimately improve the technology that impacts their lives. To learn more about our vision, check out GRIT on Civic Hall Toronto.


How it works


Step 1: collaborate

We work with teams who build technology that impacts a large, public audience and find ways for Torontonians to give feedback on them.


Step 2: invite

We invite participants from the GRIT Toronto community to test technology in safe, comfortable places all over Toronto.


Step 3: reward

We really value our members’ time and effort to test technology, so we compensate them as a way to say thanks.  

Join our waitlist


We had an incredible response to our initial recruitment, and are not recruiting additional testers at this time. If you'd like to test technology with GRIT in the future, fill out the form below and we'll let you know as soon as we're ready for more testers!