Get paid to help shape technology in Toronto.

GRIT is a new way for Toronto residents to give feedback on
the websites and apps that impact them.



Too often, technology is built without getting feedback from the people who actually use it. We aim to address that challenge by giving people the chance to test, give input, and ultimately improve the technology that impacts their lives. To learn more about our vision, check out GRIT on Civic Hall Toronto.


How it works


Step 1: sign up

Fill out our registration form below and we’ll send you $5 as a thank you for signing up. Whenever a new test becomes available, we’ll reach out with a few more questions and then let you know if you’re selected as a tester.


Step 2: Test tech with us

We’ll be holding 45-minute tests at safe, comfortable places all over Toronto. Staff and volunteers from GRIT will be on hand to show you the tech product we’re testing and get your feedback.


Step 3: Get paid!

GRIT Toronto and our clients really value your time, and appreciate your input. So, after you participate in a test, you’ll go home with money in your pocket!  

In order to be a GRIT tester, you have to live in the City of Toronto, be 18 or older and have an email address.

Sign up now!


Help us test technology that impacts Toronto! Fill out the form below to become a tester with GRIT. We’ll send you $5 right away to thank you for signing up.

The form includes questions about your background, where you live and your experience with technology. We ask these questions because we’re striving to build a community of testers that is as diverse and representative of Toronto as possible.